Tour de Alumalivin

I finally took a few pictures of the inside of our airstream! It isn’t always this tidy, but it doesn’t take long to straighten up 240 sq feet. Let me know if you have any questions about how things function!

A view of the kitchen, sofa and our bedroom. We have an accordion door for privacy.
Our dining table, desk and sometimes the kitchen island.
My kitchen! I’ve become used to the smaller space, and cook and bake pretty much the same as when we were in a regular house.
The refrigerator and freezer fit more than you would think, and the kids clothes are mostly in the drawers to the right.
View from our bed. You can see everything!
The master bedroom with storage on each side, above and below the bed.
The kids’ bunk. Hayes is on the lower, Mabry up top. Their toys are in cubbies (not pictured) and in a large storage area under the bed.
The beginnings of a gallery wall as well as a tv we didn’t think we would need but have come to enjoy!
Our bathroom with a retractable shower door. 

Thats it! I am adding a few little pieces of art and decorations as we travel, but have to consider the fact that every time we move to a different spot the airstream basically goes through an earthquake. I’ve already lost one of the frames and had to washi tape the art instead.

Thanks for visiting 🙂